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call me out

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[This is probably a bad idea. No, he's almost certain it's a bad idea. But what else can he do? If Kitty's still mad, she might disappear him again. And Spectra would just take advantage of his nervousness. That somehow leaves Ember as the safest one to approach out of the trio of angry women who had nearly erased him from existence yesterday.

She'll probably hear him before she sees him, the low rumble of his bike carries easily in the void of the Ghost Zone. When he pulls up next to her, he doesn't leave his bike or even stop the engine. Yesterday's encounter has him on edge and, determined as he is to play it cool, his nervousness is obvious.]

Hey, Ember. I ain't, uh, interruptin' nothin', am I?
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[Doreen and a squirrel are eating fast food on the corner.

I refuse to put in more effort than that.