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the disney villains victorious meme


"Disney Villains Victorious is a tabletop game based on the glorious idea of a world, not entirely unlike our own, in which (almost) all the villains from (almost) all the Disney animated feature films were not defeated at the ends of their movies but were instead victorious, completing their goals in part or in whole.

It is a world in which Ursula rules the seas, defied only by the uncatchable Pirate Lords and the might of Atlantis. It is a world where the grasslands, the jungles and the forests are prowled not only by fearsome primal beasts like Shere Khan and Scar, but also by the ruthless, tireless hunters that stalk them. It is a world where Europe has been divvied up between sorcerous queens like Maleficent, inquisitorial clergymen like Frollo, and dark gods like Hades and Chernabog.

It is not, however, a world completely devoid of courage, heroism or hope.Yet still there is hope. Across the planet there as still those willing to fight against these evils. Be they human, beast, or anything in-between, there are still those willing to fight against darkness. To be a sign of hope in a world of despair. To become heroes of lost ages. Rebels plot, plan, fight, strive and win their own victories against the villains that would rule them. The time to fight and to be free is now."

Basically, Disney Game of Thrones.

Post with the character you're throwing into the setting, whether you're AUing them in, having them pop in somehow, or playing an actual Disney character in this setting. Include as much or as little detail about their role in the world as you want - their AU background, their role in this world, whatever you'd like. Feel free to as follow as much or as little of the established canon as you'd like

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Captain Hook | Peter Pan

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[Tinkerbell was never able to free herself from captivity, meaning Hook's plot worked, and Peter Pan was vanquished. Now, thanks to her, Hook has outfitted himself and his allies with flying ships to best evade the wrath of the sea witch, Ursula. With the pirates constantly thinking happy thoughts about pirating as much as they could ever want, the majority of the captains and their crews are capable of individual flight as well, making them formidable foes.

The skies are where Hook reign supreme, and any airborne group is a potential target for the loot-hungry pirate fleet. Walking the plank is nearly a mile down to the treacherous seas below.]
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Jinx | League of Legends

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[AU'd into the setting, Jinx is a manic criminal with an indecipherable background. Her tech appears to be Atlantean, her tattoos and style of dress are very clearly Shadowlands in origin, and she has an intimate knowledge of The Pirate Code. She move freely around The Royal Colony of Virginia, the Shadowlands, and The Old West, causing havoc and committing acts of crime wherever she goes. Leaders of these areas would pay for more information about her, and she's wanted in all three areas.]
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Anthy Himemiya | Revolutionary Girl Utena

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[Au'd into the setting - formerly from the Kingdom of the Red Flower, Anthy was set to be brought to King Louis' human menagerie for transgressions against apes: namely, keeping a small monkey called Chuchu as a hidden pet, a grave crime regardless of how kindly she treated him. She was set free in a raid by a team of Beasts from the Free Creatures and has been recognized as a friend to animals and reunited with her monkey pet - or should we say familiar? Either way, she's no longer welcome in the Kingdom of the Red Flower unless she returns in chains.

Demure and poised, Anthy is currently charming her way through territories to distance herself as much from King Louis and his allies as possible and to find and join the ranks of the Rescue Aid Society. There's a hefty reward for her capture and return, but the skills of a friend to the Beasts may be too invaluable to give up for gold...]
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Milly Thompson | Trigun

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[Au'd into the setting - a gal from the Old West, Milly was the cheerful barmaid of a small town's even smaller saloon before it was trampled to bits in a buffalo stampede. A strikingly optimistic ingenue, she is blessed with incredible strength and fortitude, and is much more observant than she acts, having been able to urge many people to safety before the buffalo bulldozed the town, and now roams the wasteland trying to earn money to send back home and help with the rebuilding. Most of the time you can find her doing honest work, but lately more and more dangerous jobs leading her further south towards El Dorado and the Sunless Empire...]
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Aelita Schaeffer | Code Lyoko

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[Au'd into the setting - the child of an alchemical scientist from the Mirror Kingdom and a mischievous fae-woman from the Fae Lands, Aelita was left on the doorstep of a childless old couple in a part of France constantly swinging from Maleficent's rule to Frollo's. For the majority of her youth, not only were the Fae Lands in control of Aelita's home, but she appeared to be a normal human girl, and voraciously studied any sort of scientific or alchemic tomes she came across. Her teens revealed her fae heritage during a stressful siege of her town by the Inquisition, during which her features manifested and she was promptly handed over by her adopted family, too frightened to do otherwise.

She managed to escape the clutches of the Inquisition and now travels incognito in search of her human father; some say he still lives in the Mirror Kingdom, while others say he has fled to Atlantis to study their great technologies...]
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Judge Doom | Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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[Nobody knows who created the DOOMRoads, or what the mysterious hanging judge out in the Old West might have to do with it. But the DOOMRoads are just as many said they would be - beautiful. If you have a third eye and know how to find the DOOMRoads, perhaps they're a little commercial, but they're easy. Stretching across every state, every nation, every country, are the DOOMroads. Quick, safe and most of all efficient, they allow for quick and polite travel through some of the worst nations. They cut travels that would last weeks and kill hundreds down to a few days.

But unfortunately, its not perfect. They are prone to mislead and trick and even spit people out in entirely different nations or continent's. The reason behind this is due to the Toon asphalt used in construction, is actually the melted and recycled remains of ToonTown. Angry at being wronged, they will continue to put travelers lives in danger until justice is done, and the good Judge is dead.]
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Heinz Doofenshmirtz | Phineas and Ferb

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[One day Heinz managed to achieve his dream of ruling the Tri State Area. Not by actually beating Perry, but merely because the platypus failed to show up. With his longtime archnemesis Perry the platypus gone, the last of the now defunct OWCA agents had disappeared. Since the area stood on the border of the Old West and the Shadowlands, the two nations merely conceded to allowing the failure of a scientist imprison himself in the small, insignificant territory.

Trapped inside his own Tri State Area, Doofenshmirtz grew bored with no one to challenge him. Out of his boredom Doof built and armed powerful robotic units named NORM: each with a destructive arsenal but painfully dumb.

Eventually the residents of the Tri State Area fled, leaving him alone with his machines. To this day he goes about his routine, waiting at the penthouse of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc for Perry to make his return. But that won't happen.]
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[Well Doofenshmirtz, if no one is left in the Tri State Area, one of the last things you should be expecting is a knock on your apartment door. It's very quiet and might be hard to hear at first, but it is very consistent and would be hard to ignore after awhile.]
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[Who could it be during the apocalypse??? Doof marches up to the door...then gives up.]

Norm, I know it's you I'm not going to teach you how to use a door again...how could you forget? You're a robot!
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[The knocking continues, slightly louder this time. Soon Heinz should hear a quiet but unmistakable chittering noise.]
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P-p-perry the Platyp--Noooo....

[Had him there, hope.

Good one.]

It can't be. This is some trick my sadness is playing on me again. Normbots, can we shoot my feelings? Without shooting me?
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Professor Ratigan | The Great Mouse Detective

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[NEVER trust the rats. Of course, you shouldn't call them Rats when you think they could be listening. They prefer to be called 'mice.'

But it's never a good idea to trust the little devils. They steal, they sneak, and they whisper. Rumors abound about how it's common knowledge that Grimhilde, the Horned King, or Maleficent make use of rats as their spies.

This is true. What is NOT so commonly known is that the Rulers of this world don't USE the 'mice.' They BUY their services.

From whom? Why, the King of All Mousedom, His Royal Deviousness King Ratigan the First. He rules the world of vermin with an iron first and his razor sharp mind. Fortunes of gold are his, thanks to his endless amount of thieves, (A coin here, a coin there. It piles up.) And the secrets! It's said that King Ratigan knows more than any, for all his spies report to him.

Unlike the other kingdoms, Ratigan's domain ignores the boundaries so violently fought over by the great humans and beasts. He owns the sewers, cellars, attics, and all hidden places scattered throughout the kingdoms, as well as the small mouse towns that have grown inside them. Ratigan himself has crafted an isolated palace for himself in Prydain, mechanically filtered to ignore the cauldron mists of the Horned King. The palace is well-guarded and completely self-sufficient thanks to the inventions of Hiram Flaversham (who still forcibly works for Ratigan to keep his daughter Olivia safe), though Ratigan still invites his subjects to worship him frequently in his glorious audience hall.

The only real export of Ratigan's domain is information. No matter where the players travel within the Underworld, their movements are watched and passed along the great chain of information to whoever can profit best from it. Every citizen of mousedom is required to give the information, willingly or not, and most comply out of fear of Ratigan's vicious punishments. No matter how the players help, save, bribe, beg or intimidate, the mice must ultimately tell their secrets. Stealth is all but impossible, disguise and deceit must be laid to the slightest detail because any plan not perfectly-guarded will undoubtedly reach Ratigan's ears in due time. Ratigan wastes no scrap of information, however trivial.

And everything has a price.]
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Perry the Platypus | Phineas and Ferb

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[Perry did what the 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz told him to do: surrender himself to save his family. However no one noticed until way too late what had happened to him. He was brainwashed and turned into a cyborg, forced to serve his evil deeds and greatly contributed to 2nd Dimensions Doofenshmirtz’s successful rule of his dimension’s Tri State Area.

He didn’t know how long he was out. It could have been anywhere between a few days and a few years, but eventually he was broken from his brainwashing. He was accidentally electrocuted while fixing up one of 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz inators. After panicking over becoming a cyborg and having no memory, he manages to escape from the Doofenshmirtz’s clutches. Almost immediately after that Doofenshmirtz sent his Normbots after Perry to bring him back.

The home was completely destroyed when Perry came to it, and he had no idea if they were alive or not. Realizing that the robots were after him, Perry runs away from Danville to avoid being back in the Doofenshmirtz’s clutches.

He spends most of his days constantly moving to avoid the Normbots and trying to find his family in desperation. He was very aware of how fruitless this could be, since the last he heard about them 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz was going to kill them anyway, but he couldn’t live not knowing what happened to his family.

Still, you may be able to find him fighting some villains and saving innocent people. He wears a trenchcoat in an attempt to disguise himself so that no one rats him out, but even at night it’s hard not to notice that he is a cyborg platypus if you manage to see him.]
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[Some people have different names for the 2nd Dimension. Some call it the Mirror World. Some call it Earth-2.

Some call it the Negaverse.

There's a bitter rivalry between Doofenshmirtz of the 2nd Dimension and Negaduck, mostly because the mirror version of Darkwing proves himself near-impossible to kill. An everlasting symbol of anarchy who practically set fire to his own version of St. Canard, every single NORMBot that had been sent after Negaduck was typically returned to sender in pieces. Still, despite Negaduck's destructive temperament and destructive tendencies, the Tri-State Area had proven itself near impossible to crack.

But then that same Doofenshmirtz approaches Negaduck with an offer, and the words are tempted enough to warrant not immediately introducing him to Mr. Chainsaw. Capture and/or kill that irritating platyborg, and he gets a goooooddd chunk of area to call his own, to burn and ruin all he likes.

It was a delicious offer, and it's one that he gladly accepts.

So, Negaduck hunts. He stalks Perry through The Old West, through The Royal Colony of Virginia, makes sure never to step too close to "The Oregon Triangle", but finally manages to corner him as the platyborg makes his way through The Shadowlands.

Negaduck perches himself in a tree in the shadowy corner of the dark bayou, one firmly marked as Gogan Family territory, and waits. When he sees the small trenchcoated figure stealthily making his way through a valley down below, he chuckles to himself. He extracts a stolen Atlantean rifle from his duffle bag, looks down the scope and...

He misses, shooting the swampwater besides Perry.]

Crap, this is why I should be sticking to machine guns! [He grumbles to himself as he reloads.]
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[Perry was pretty used to being fired at, but hearing an unfamiliar voice is what sets him off. He expected a NORMrobot or even one of those hunters, but that voice seemed entirely alien to him.

His gut instinct is to dive into water and swim for it, but unfortunately being half robot threw that out of the question.

Still, there was small plus side to being a platyborg: having weapons on you at all times.

He jumps behind a nearby tree and rolls up a sleeve just enough so that he can have access to his wrist cannon. Aiming in the general area of where he was shot at, he fires at the tree. He couldn't see whoever was shooting at him, but he hoped he could at least hit something.]
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Shego | Kim Possible

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[After helping to repel the Lowardian invasion and being internationally recognized for her heroism, Shego needed to repair her villainous cred. Struggling to make Drakken's stupid schemes work wasn't going to cut it, for once she was motivated to take on her own evil plot. A few tweaks in college rosters had put Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable on opposite sides of the globe, which made it easy for her to take over the previously free world.

Now she rules with an iron fist as the Supreme One of Shegoton, with Drakken as her chief mad science engineer and head gardener. Those who dared oppose her were destroyed by her high tech minion drones...or worse, fed to the monstrous flower garden surrounding her lair.]
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[Perry wasn't one to directly attack any particular villain. After all, he is on the run and the last thing he wants is for villains to note that one of 2D Doofenshmirtz's henchmen was on the loose and no longer evil.

However, as stealthy as the platyborg was, Shego should eventually notice that a lot of her robots lately were coming back completely destroyed. And if she looked closely enough, she should notice that a small trenchcoat being seems to be destroying a lot of them.]
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[The Supreme One isn't really much for doing her own dirty work, she'd had enough of that when she was just a sidekick. But with some little upstart wrecking her automated minions...well, she has to keep in shape somehow. Since Drakken has evil hydrangeas to tend to, why not get herself some fresh air? Perry might notice that his latest ambush is a little too easy, the drones stupider than normal.]
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[While Perry did notice how much easier the robots were to fight, he didn't think much of it. Perry figured that, worst case scenario, there would be another, if not tougher, robot he would have to fight eventually. Frankly Perry figured that whatever was coming up while on his search, he could handle it.]
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[personal profile] thedrama 2016-08-31 04:18 am (UTC)(link)
[Well then, he might be surprised when a ball of green plasma flies down from a rooftop, headed straight for him.]

So you're the little vermin that's been breaking my toys.
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David Xanatos | Gargoyles

[personal profile] just_as_planned 2016-08-30 12:28 am (UTC)(link)
[New York City is a territory unto itself, ruled over by the Xanatos family. Or at least, that's what it seems from the outside. Steel Clan robots patrol the streets, ostensibly watching for anyone who might try to knock their master out of his position at the top of the local dogheap, particularly the local gargoyle clan...but in reality they observe visitors from other domains, watch them for signs of weakness and, if necessary, repel invasions.

New York is a free city, protected by David and Fox Xanatos' criminal connections, allowing them to convince the other world leaders that they're tyrants to be respected and feared. Xanatos Enterprises sells cutting edge weaponry to other empires at suitably exorbitant prices...while secretly supplying rebellions for free, and providing them with technology held back from the public eye. If an uprising seems particularly well advised, funded or informed, odds are they have the Xanatos family backing them, though naturally he denies it and always has proof of his lack of involvement. Every now and then he even schedules a failed revolt against him.

If asked why the former villain with good publicity has turned to aiding the heroes, his answer is complicated. He's always been morally dubious and embraced his own villainous cliches, but he's never been overly brutal. Much like Demona when she'd turned the city to stone, several of these villains have crossed lines he can't tolerate. Others simply destroyed a world order he was fond of. The idea of them ruling his city was unacceptable...and, most importantly, the idea of his son growing up in a world ruled by tyrants and maniacs is one he can't stand for. And when David Xanatos stands against something, he makes full use of his resources.]