Mar. 9th, 2016

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[Rick Sanchez is the worst houseguest, temporary or otherwise.

It's mostly evident in the fact that he's essentially been a vagrant space hobo for a few months, and has been living from room-to-room. Partially because of galactic feds, partially because being a space hobo rocks. Either way, half of these rooms have belonged to his "friends" from Graceside Bullshit School. Partially because he has nowhere else to go, and partially because they owe his ass for not leaving them on Jerry-World or something.

Sukuyo is Rick's victim for today, and he imposes himself quite well. He sprawls out across her floor, not even bothering to take his labcoat or that tacky puke green scarf off. One hand is quite content clutching the bottle on the floor besides him, and the other occupies itself by burrowing into a box of Baby Swiss Cheez-Its (a little souvenir from C-137).

He stops and contemplates the Cheez-It when she finally walks back into the room.]

Yo. Y-you ever realize that this shit - why the hell do they call these things "Baby Swiss?"

[Rick squints at the Cheez-It like the thing is his long lost sister.]

I get that it's swiss, alright, my tongue can - it very clearly knows this mofo is swiss. But putting "baby" in the name of yer - yer food doesn't make me want to eat it. If anything, it makes me want to eat that fucker less.

[...After a moment's hesitation, he drops it in his mouth anyway.]


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