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Call Me Out: Lepo Edition

HI KIDS it's yer uncle Lepo, and here's a Call Me Out Post.

This post will always be open, and I'll be replurking it every once in a while when there's a significant update or something. Anything NSFW should be marked accordingly.

Full muselist here. Plurk is [plurk.com profile] lepowned. I'm down for p much anything you want to do!
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Ford Pines | Gravity Falls

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Ember McLain | Danny Phantom

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Homestar Runner | Strong Bad: The Show

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Gaston | Beauty and the Beast

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Captain Hook | Peter Pan

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[Disney-Verse. Also available in Peter and the Starcatchers/Black Stache and Hook flavors.]
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Wario | Nintendo

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[Also available in [community profile] danganroleplay flavor!]
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Ashley | WarioWare

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[Also available in [community profile] danganroleplay flavor!]
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Bowser | Super Mario

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[Available in "normal" and human AU flavors]
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Jinx | League of Legends

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The Joker | Batman Nolanverse

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Dr. Frasier Crane | Frasier

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Squidward Tentacles | Spongebob Squarepants

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Ron Swanson | Parks and Recreation

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Walter White | Breaking Bad

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Dr. Eggman | Sonic

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Panty Anarchy | Panty and Stocking

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Definitely mentions of NSFW content in this one!

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Oh, for fuck's sake!

[ Stocking had left the church for not twenty minutes to grab some dinner. Not twenty goddamn minutes. She knew she shouldn't be surprised at this point, to expect this sort of thing by now, and yet, here she is, trying her best not to crush her boxes of brownies out of frustration as she sees her sister once again bare-naked in their fucking living room. And naturally, she wasn't alone, either; somehow, in the brief time Stocking had been gone, her sister had managed to bring along some skin-head brawny-looking motherfucker who seemed to be not too dissimilar from one of the "usual suspects"; he was covered in tattoos, his biceps looked like they were just about to burst, he was covered in sweat and reeked of some kind of alcohol...

In other words, it was Wednesday night in the Anarchy household. ]

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand fucking times. Do it in a hotel, do it in a motel, do it in a damn Holiday Inn, do it in a bar, do it in a cab, do it on a plane, do it on a ship, do it on a spaceship, do it in fucking See-Through! But why the fuck do you have to constantly have your fuck-boys take you to the Bone Zone on my couch?!

Seriously, you have a room! With a bed! It's covered in fucking dead batteries and empty bags of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, but it's there! Use it!
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[personal profile] crazy_sexy_anarchy 2015-10-15 07:33 am (UTC)(link)
[Oh, great! Of course the fucking sugar-bitch is gonna take a whole shitton of issues with this. Leave it to Stocking to come right out of the fucking gate and point out all the shit she's doing wrong and list out a bunch of different places. Ugh, it's like she's reciting Green Fucking Eggs and Fucking Ham. It's an attitude that immediately gets Anarchy a glare from Panty, even if she even bother to stop doing the horizontal tango as she barks at her sister.]

Well, what the fuck did you expect? This isn't your fucking couch, and believe me, even if it is, this shit is fucking comfortable! If it makes you feel any better, I'd wager this limp-dicked mofo is on the verge of having a goddamn heart attack, considering the fact that he fucks like a goddamn dead guy!
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[personal profile] bitter_sweet_anarchy 2015-10-15 03:11 pm (UTC)(link)
With how many chocolate splotches and cum-stains I have to clean out of it, it might as fucking well be my couch! Seriously, it's skeevy as shit! What if Garter walked in, huh? Or fucking Smegma?

[ Leave it to Stocking to just sort of...plop down on the couch, anyway. It's almost time for her show, and regardless of whether or not Panty's fucking someone's brains out, she's gonna watch it. Thankfully, there's enough room on the other side of Panty that she can sit down, because she's sure as hell not sitting next to man-ass.]

Maybe you fucking killed him. Then he can turn into a Ghost and we can hurry the fuck up with these Heaven Coins...
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Why the fuck would I give two shits bout that? I roll how I roll, and most of the time, that rolling happens to be done with a cock in me. They can fuckin' deal with it!

[Thus, the rolling in the hay continues. Yet, the guy is just unusually boring. Ugh. This doesn't normally happen EVER. At least she has candybitch to talk to.]

Stop fucking worrying about that shit! Always with the goddamn Heaven Coin bullshit, chill the fuck out for five fucking seconds.
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Look, I can't fucking help it, okay?! There's so much fucking good dessert in Heaven that you can't get in a shithole like this, you know how hangry I get! And shouldn't you be more concerned with our situation too? If we were in Heaven, you wouldn't have to deal with fucking Viagra McChucklefuck over here and you could have some hot angel dick in your snatch. It's a win-win for both of us.

[ The poor guy, he's right here...... ]

Where'd you find this sleazeball anyway?
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Judge Doom | Roger Rabbit

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Prick | Rick Sanchez and Pearl fushion

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