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baby swiss cheez-its [trustfell shit]

[Rick Sanchez is the worst houseguest, temporary or otherwise.

It's mostly evident in the fact that he's essentially been a vagrant space hobo for a few months, and has been living from room-to-room. Partially because of galactic feds, partially because being a space hobo rocks. Either way, half of these rooms have belonged to his "friends" from Graceside Bullshit School. Partially because he has nowhere else to go, and partially because they owe his ass for not leaving them on Jerry-World or something.

Sukuyo is Rick's victim for today, and he imposes himself quite well. He sprawls out across her floor, not even bothering to take his labcoat or that tacky puke green scarf off. One hand is quite content clutching the bottle on the floor besides him, and the other occupies itself by burrowing into a box of Baby Swiss Cheez-Its (a little souvenir from C-137).

He stops and contemplates the Cheez-It when she finally walks back into the room.]

Yo. Y-you ever realize that this shit - why the hell do they call these things "Baby Swiss?"

[Rick squints at the Cheez-It like the thing is his long lost sister.]

I get that it's swiss, alright, my tongue can - it very clearly knows this mofo is swiss. But putting "baby" in the name of yer - yer food doesn't make me want to eat it. If anything, it makes me want to eat that fucker less.

[...After a moment's hesitation, he drops it in his mouth anyway.]
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[Sukuyo is happy to be alone in the house, for once. Ryuuko and Mako are off having fun; Barazo is on a house call; Mataro is probably committing petty theft-- and she doesn't even mind that! it means she gets to put off A Talk for that much longer.

she hasn't, well... explained the situation she was in to her family yet. nor does she really ever plan on it. "mom was stuck in a school for weeks, died, but got better and now has lots of friends from different universes" is a rather hard concept for people to wrap their minds around, even people that were busy fighting evil alien clothes just a few months ago. when they visit, she's able to explain most of them as people she met online in chatrooms. (that's what the kids these days are doing, right?)

there's no explaining Rick.

but, she doesn't have to! all she has to do is whip up a batch of croquettes (which she has, carrying them in on a big plate and settling it down next to Rick) and offer a friendly ear. simple. easy. nothing too much beyond that.]

The miracle of childbirth is beautiful, Rick-san! [she kneels on the floor near him, hands folded in her lap.] Even for cheeses!
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Babies aren't very mature at all! They should be more careful about false advertisement; the government can throw you in jail for that kind of thing!

[she knows she made all these snacks for Rick, but... surely it won't matter if she takes one or two or five for herself to munch on. she can always make more, right?]

Hm. What do cheeses worry about, then?
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Of course I am, Rick-san! [y'know, as much as she listens to anything in the first place.

she eyes the bottle with a frown. her whole goal is to distract him from that sort of thing.]
So, Rick-san! What've you been up to recently?
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I'd want you to say that you're happy of course! That no matter what you're doing right now, it's what makes you happy!

[looks on expectantly] Are you?
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You don't sound very happy... [what a mystery. truly she may never know the truth of his inscrutable moods.]

... Is there anything I can do to help?
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... I'll just be taking that, then! [GOOD JOB RICK you've lost your bottle privileges. she'll just grab that and wrest it away from him with brute force.

... and, y'know, as long as she has it, she might as well take a drink herself. it's not like it could make this any worse.]
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And I always respect my elders, Rick-san! [she says, swigging from the bottle again.] It's polite to bring a gift for your host, though!

So, thank you very much! It's a very nice gift.
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You're a good present, too!

[WATCH as she finishes off the entire bottle... look, she's kinda been having a Time lately. how do you explain strange new facial scars to your family. this is easier.]

I'm pretty lucky, huh?
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-- Oh, not that lucky! I need to remember to recycle this... [she stands-- sways a little bit, but not enough to fall over, and she just laughs it off. she takes the bottle and disappears out the door for a moment.

while outside, she calls out:]
How do you like my house, Rick-san! I know it's not as nice as everyone else's...
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Mm, you wouldn't know it was on the back of a truck just a few weeks ago, would you!

[there's a sound like glass breaking, because that's exactly what happened. but, when she returns, she's no worse for the wear. her neighbor's recycling bin is kinda fucked up, though.]

No need to get up on my account! [she walks over to Rick and gives him what she assumes is a friendly pat on the shoulder. in reality, she karate chops his neck.]
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Oh, is it? [she takes this into deep consideration...

and then, almost immediately, does it again.]
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[she actually snorts with laughter.]

You're just drunk, Rick-san! [WAGS FINGER] You need to learn how to hold your booze!
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[it might seem, for a moment, like she's actually listening and acknowledging what he's saying.]

... Ha! We're holding hands!

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[she just laughs and smiles at him.

not even bothering to move her hand away.]
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[she does eventually stop laughing, trailing off in a way that should be awkward but ends up being more quietly pensive. because she's thinking, in that strange moment between this and what she's about to do, and that's not a good thing. because Mankanshokus are dangerous when allowed the time to think. they're not a stupid family, by any means. they just have a marvelously different way of thinking than the rest of humanity that some mistake for stupidity.

and really, at the end of the day, all she really wants is for Rick to feel even the briefest brush of the happiness she knows he deserves. and if there's something she can do to help, she'll do it in a heartbeat. which is about the amount of time it takes for her to decide that, yes, this is a fantastic idea.

it's after that mere blip in the endless march of time that she raises herself up onto tiptoe and leans forward, kissing him. then she pulls back, and smiles again.]
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[if his hands are on her hips, her hands are-- well, his shoulders would be a bit of a stretch, but she can manage pressing her hands against his chest.]

Of course! Whatever you want, Rick-san!
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[when she said, "whatever you want," she meant it. she is 100% down with whatever is about to happen here; she's confident that her husband, should he ever need to know about this, would completely understand, and that's all the qualms she could've had. and she's fine with biting! and yet...

she pushes back a little, just far enough to speak, and glances up at him.]

Nn... Not so rough, Rick-san... [the anger behind it worries her.]
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[she sees what he wants to do, and decides to be helpful-- but, being the currently uncoordinated drunk mess she is, she probably just, somehow, makes things worse and eventually gives up.

luckily, her own clothing is a lot easier to remove; just a matter of untying her apron and pulling her dress over her head. she allows both to fall to the ground as she stands there, just in her bra and panties.]
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[she lets out a little snort of laughter as his hand moves-- just a little ticklish-- but it passes quickly, replaced by a light moan. she cants her hips forward, trying to grind against his fingers.]

Rick-san... [her own hands grab back, trying to grab purchase on his body.]
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[she reacts a bit like a cat when touched, arching her back and whining... but, something makes her suddenly pause and, of all things, giggle a little. she tilts her head back to try to get a look at him.]

Ah, you're making me feel like I'm not doing anything! I'm usually so much more involved... [she reaches her hand back farther, and-- yep. she's just gonna try to straight up grab his dick. just grab it. she's had two kids.]