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[Ashley was never one for deal with this sort of thing. Then again, none of them were, right?

The nightmarescape consisted of a large forest, and wasn't anything close to a pleasant one. It had most definitely not proven itself to be anything close to Eden, with brambles and branches twisting every which way underneath the glow of a full moon. It was a surprisingly beautiful affair, yet in a fashion that's clearly both feral and and wild in nature. Untamed. Overgrown. There was almost a sense that the area itself was living and breathing, and Ashley...clumsy as she may be, was savvy enough to recognize that.

So, there's a dilemma here. She needs a place to camp out, but there needs to be no hint of repercussion from the forest for what she was about to do. Thankfully, being a "magical girl" makes building a fire about 100x easier. In no time, she's used her wand to cast a flame onto a patch of dirt on the ground, maintaining it and ensuring that it doesn't latch on to any sort of wildlife.

There, she sits and waits. For what, she's unsure of. There'd have to be some sort of familiars or something showing up eventually, right?]
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[Forests are Ellen's domain; you don't spend centuries controlling every aspect of one without becoming thoroughly familiar with them, after all. So as a result, even though this is a forest that she has no control over, even though this place is dangerous to her, she almost feels at home as she navigates her way through thick brambles and copious bushes.

So far, her time inside has been spent in stifling solitude - something else that she's come to associate all too much with forests. It's unusual for a nightmarescape to be devoid of even familiars, and it certainly doesn't make her feel any safer that this place is lacking in them. She's alert as she walks, keeping her rose in hand so that she can defend herself at a moment's notice, should something attempt to ambush her.

Ultimately, when she stops in her tracks and finally finds something that catches her attention, it isn't a familiar bent on attacking her; it's another girl (a magi?), and Ellen is surprised to find that she's decided to camp out in a place like this.]

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