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[Another day goes by at EuroReptarLand. Another day of parades, bumper cars, and sumo wrestling events. Every hour on the hour. The highlight of Reptarland, however, has to be the stage show. That's where the magic happens. It's a a simple story - Reptar terrorizes the city, falls in love with the princess, and saves her from the evil Robosnail. It's nothing special, but it has captured the hearts of millions.

But after dark, when Reptarland is closed, things get weird. Namely, the, performers, they confine themselves to the park. There, in the midnight hours, they mingle. Talk. Drink. Move about as humans. The family-friendly world of Reptarland becomes a shady underbelly of intrigue. But when the sun rises the next day, it is as though nothing has happened. Nobody is the wiser, not any of the minimum wage employees, and certainly not Coco LaBouche hanging up in her ivory tower.

Even if they knew, they certainly wouldn't be able to fathom what's to happen on this particular night.

Reptar - no, Rhett Tarino, is doing his nightly stroll by Ooey Gooey World when somebody spots him from the corner of his eye. A heavily accented voice calls out to him from the shadows.]

You did quite well out there today, mon ami.

[Robosn- Roial Sinclaire emerges from the shadows. The disheveled purple suit and unkempt hair instantly give him away, but they help betray the obvious.

He is anything but sober.

With a sense of swagger, he moves towards Rhett, placing a hand on the wall behind him. From this distance, the smell of cheap cigarettes and boxed wine can be smelt on Roail's breath. He looks his archenemy up and down, lingering eyes resting on his legs, before he raises back up and speaks once more.]

Perhaps you should teach me how you roar so well. [The word 'roar' rolls off his tongue, transitioning into a nasty smirk.]
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wario ★ nintendo
❝ Wario is a V.I.W., kid! Very Important Wario!
canon point: post-wario land shake it
survivor pool: no
victim/culprit: victim, c1 (culprit: rufioh)
notes: his statue was desecrated
notable cr: dave, rufioh, duster, harvey
favorite thread: an attempted mugging
❝ While Mr. daffy Duck is a notorious lawbreaker, I prefer to handle these matters before they reach a court of law. ❞
canon point: pre-finale
survivor pool: no
victim/culprit: victim, night 1 (culprit: wolves/jesse pinkman)
notes: this is the first one i would play again tbh
notable cr: jesse pinkman, detective gumshoe
favorite thread: he hates horses
ashley ★ warioware
i wish you died instead. ❞
canon point: post-smooth moves
survivor pool: no
victim/culprit: victim, c3 (culprit: yomiel)
notes: dated a gross boy for like 2 days
notable cr: pittoo, luigi, clair, hinawa, yomiel
favorite thread: things get intense
rick ★ rick and morty
❝ Smarter than any of you dipshits. Or any dipshts, for that - that matter. ❞
canon point: post-season 2
survivor pool: no
victim/culprit: culprit, c3 (victims: yuuri, hibiki)
notes: they conducted like half a trial with his dead body there
notable cr: morty, ashley, sukuyo, dio, logan
favorite thread: cw: suicide warning
squidward ★ spongebob
❝ The that I am literally dying over here and there is a room that does nothing but laugh at me. ❞
canon point: post-movie
survivor pool: no
victim/culprit: victim, case 5 (culprit: lapis lazuli)
notes: poetry master
notable cr: sokka, ren, lapis, wirt, steven
favorite thread: sokka makes calamari
walter white ★ breaking bad
❝ I have a very vested interest in my business. ❞
canon point: post-series
survivor pool: no
victim/culprit: culprit, case 4 (victims: mack and brady)
notes: this is the one im most proud of
notable cr: katniss, fern, angel, aligula, ferid, king bob
favorite thread: this starts sweet then flamethrowers
captain hook ★ peter pan
❝ He's nothing compared to I, Captain Hook, the true pirate king! ❞
canon point: post-musical
survivor pool: no
victim/culprit: culprit, c3 (victims: eliza and darla)
notes: the most obvious culprit
notable cr: the balladeer, billy harris, pirate king
favorite thread: sing-off
❝ I hate all of you.
More than I did from the start.
Two sizes two small,
Is still the size of my heart. ❞
canon point: before he throws the presents off mt crumpet
survivor pool: no
victim/culprit: victim, case 2 (culprit: keenan)
notes: done as a challenge to rhyme for a whole murdergame
notable cr: manfred von karma, keenan
favorite thread: the intro poem was p nice
bruce wayne ★ dcau
❝ I want you to maybe jog your memory and tell me if you did it. for your own sake. ❞
canon point: post-world's finest, pre-justice league
survivor pool: ???
victim/culprit: ???
notes: done partially to break typecasting
notable cr: sportacus, judy, ???
favorite thread: getting a confession

clarice rupel ★ POKEMON oc
canon point: n/a
history: won a murdergame, and became an employee of monobear. went on to betray him and lose an arm to ganondorf during the final trial.
notes: had a crush on/would date half the people in the camp. also in case it wasn't obvious is a fairly obvious reference to lysandre, given the drrp roots of this murdergame.
notable cr: shadow the hedgehog, elizabeth, nephenee
favorite thread: this entire interaction tbh
dr. eggman ★ sonic
❝ Ho-ho! I suppose that you're going to invent this yourself, too? You would've been made mincemeat by my machine if your friendS hadn't stepped in! ❞
canon point: post-sonic adventure 2
history: a former employee of the hands, who is betrayed and killed by then (before they get hijacked by ganon). with the help of the campers, he plots an escape.
notes: was turned into a trophy and immediately assaulted by elite beat agents singing nirvana songs upon being revived
notable cr: the hands, shadow, pittoo, clair
favorite thread: vs. pittoo
Katz ★ courage
❝ Hello. Welcome to the Katz Kourtroom. I'm Katz.
canon point: post-canon
history: manipulated dr. zalost, hijacked fairy magic, and used it to turn fosters' home into a murdergame paradise. for shits and giggles.
notes: what good theme music
notable cr: ren hoek, muriel bagge, all npcs, denzel crocker
favorite thread: creating an anarchist
bialystock ★ the producers
Bye, Producer, bye, Producer
This job isn't what was portrayed!
But I did it, but I did it,
And it hasn't gotten me LAI-
canon point: post-canon
history: made survivor pool of his murdergame, and was the deciding vote of a group that wanted to stay and work for the mastermind. now an employee of the leading player.
notes: he's done it again, he's done it again
notable cr: ms. lovett, draco malfoy, the once-ler, billy harris, billy flynn
favorite thread: interrogation

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"Disney Villains Victorious is a tabletop game based on the glorious idea of a world, not entirely unlike our own, in which (almost) all the villains from (almost) all the Disney animated feature films were not defeated at the ends of their movies but were instead victorious, completing their goals in part or in whole.

It is a world in which Ursula rules the seas, defied only by the uncatchable Pirate Lords and the might of Atlantis. It is a world where the grasslands, the jungles and the forests are prowled not only by fearsome primal beasts like Shere Khan and Scar, but also by the ruthless, tireless hunters that stalk them. It is a world where Europe has been divvied up between sorcerous queens like Maleficent, inquisitorial clergymen like Frollo, and dark gods like Hades and Chernabog.

It is not, however, a world completely devoid of courage, heroism or hope.Yet still there is hope. Across the planet there as still those willing to fight against these evils. Be they human, beast, or anything in-between, there are still those willing to fight against darkness. To be a sign of hope in a world of despair. To become heroes of lost ages. Rebels plot, plan, fight, strive and win their own victories against the villains that would rule them. The time to fight and to be free is now."

Basically, Disney Game of Thrones.

Post with the character you're throwing into the setting, whether you're AUing them in, having them pop in somehow, or playing an actual Disney character in this setting. Include as much or as little detail about their role in the world as you want - their AU background, their role in this world, whatever you'd like. Feel free to as follow as much or as little of the established canon as you'd like

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. Aftercare
. Aphro Kink
. Begging
. Clothed Sex/Uniforms
. Dirty Talking
. D/S (consensual)
. Exhibitionism
. Humiliation
. Kissing
. Light/Medium Bondage  
. Mind Control/Hypno 
. Multiple Partners
. Oral Sex
. Public Sex
. Roleplay/Dress-Up
. Romance
. Sexual Frustration
. Spanking
. Teasing
. Toys
. Vanilla Sex


. Adrenaline
. Ageplay
. Ass Worship
. Biting
. Blindfolds
. Breath Control
. Chastity
. Cock/Balls Worship 
. Degradation 
. Face-Fucking
. Face-Sitting
. Face Slapping
. Femdom
. Forced Orgasm
. Gags
. Hair Pulling
. Handjobs/Fingerjobs
. Instant Hookups
. Intelligent Partners
. Licking
. Masturbation


. Orgasm Control/Denial
. Pegging
. Photography/Videotaping
. Pussy Worship
. Role Reversal
. Scratching
. Sex Toys
. Size Difference
. Socks/Stockings
. Squirting
. Story-Driven/PSLs
. Vaginal Sex


. Death
. Heavy Bondage
. Mutilation
. Torture
. Vore
. Watersports/Scat

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[Ashley was never one for deal with this sort of thing. Then again, none of them were, right?

The nightmarescape consisted of a large forest, and wasn't anything close to a pleasant one. It had most definitely not proven itself to be anything close to Eden, with brambles and branches twisting every which way underneath the glow of a full moon. It was a surprisingly beautiful affair, yet in a fashion that's clearly both feral and and wild in nature. Untamed. Overgrown. There was almost a sense that the area itself was living and breathing, and Ashley...clumsy as she may be, was savvy enough to recognize that.

So, there's a dilemma here. She needs a place to camp out, but there needs to be no hint of repercussion from the forest for what she was about to do. Thankfully, being a "magical girl" makes building a fire about 100x easier. In no time, she's used her wand to cast a flame onto a patch of dirt on the ground, maintaining it and ensuring that it doesn't latch on to any sort of wildlife.

There, she sits and waits. For what, she's unsure of. There'd have to be some sort of familiars or something showing up eventually, right?]
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[Rick Sanchez is the worst houseguest, temporary or otherwise.

It's mostly evident in the fact that he's essentially been a vagrant space hobo for a few months, and has been living from room-to-room. Partially because of galactic feds, partially because being a space hobo rocks. Either way, half of these rooms have belonged to his "friends" from Graceside Bullshit School. Partially because he has nowhere else to go, and partially because they owe his ass for not leaving them on Jerry-World or something.

Sukuyo is Rick's victim for today, and he imposes himself quite well. He sprawls out across her floor, not even bothering to take his labcoat or that tacky puke green scarf off. One hand is quite content clutching the bottle on the floor besides him, and the other occupies itself by burrowing into a box of Baby Swiss Cheez-Its (a little souvenir from C-137).

He stops and contemplates the Cheez-It when she finally walks back into the room.]

Yo. Y-you ever realize that this shit - why the hell do they call these things "Baby Swiss?"

[Rick squints at the Cheez-It like the thing is his long lost sister.]

I get that it's swiss, alright, my tongue can - it very clearly knows this mofo is swiss. But putting "baby" in the name of yer - yer food doesn't make me want to eat it. If anything, it makes me want to eat that fucker less.

[...After a moment's hesitation, he drops it in his mouth anyway.]
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HI KIDS it's yer uncle Lepo, and here's a Call Me Out Post.

This post will always be open, and I'll be replurking it every once in a while when there's a significant update or something. Anything NSFW should be marked accordingly.

Full muselist here. Plurk is [ profile] lepowned. I'm down for p much anything you want to do!
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